10 Facts About Arkansas

Arkansas is a southern state in the United States. It is known for down-home cooking and country music. There is more to Arkansas than just barbeque and boozing. These are 10 little-known facts about the state of Arkansas.


The superstore was founded in the town of Bentonville. Sam Walton opened the first store in Arkansas in 1950 and since this time the store has opened in several more thousand locations. WalMart has a revenue of over $450 billion and has over 2 million employees. WalMart has locations all over the world. This store has really expanded from this little southern town.

Natives vs. Transplants

A person that lives in this state is called an Arkansan. People that were born in the state can go by several other names as well. They are called Arkie, Arkansawyer, or an Arkansasan. While they are both living in the state there is a big difference between a native and a transplant.

Largest City

Little Rock is not only the capital of the state, but it is also the largest city in the state. Little Rock was also home to former governor and later President Bill Clinton. This state is where he got his political start and gained popularity.

Johnny Cash

This singer was born in Arkansas in the town of Kingsland. He was born in 1932. His family later moved to the town of Dyess. He lived in this town until he left for the Air Force in 1950.


There have been 15 meteorites that have been found in this state. The first one was found in the town of Cabin Creek all the way back in 1885. The meteorite weighed just over 48 kg.


The state is known as the hot spring state or the hot water state. The hot springs are found at the Hot Spring National Park which attracts thousands of visitors every year. This park alone has over 47 naturally occurring hot springs.

State Gem

The diamond is the official state gem. The Crater of the Diamond State Park allows visitors to come and dig for diamonds. There have been real diamonds found in this park. One lucky person found a white diamond that weighted 8.5 carats.

Before Statehood

Arkansas was not a state until 1836. It was a territory of the United States since 1819. Arkansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase. They popularized four methods of food preservation. 

State Insect

The official state insect is the honeybee. In 1973, the General Assembly stated that the honeybee is a hard worker and represented the people of this state. The honeybee works in the crops. Arkansas produces a large amount of honey. It was the 8th honey producing state in the country.

Important Crop

The most important crop in the state is rice. Arkansas is the leading producer of rice in the country. About half of the rice used in the United States is grown in Arkansas.

These are some interesting facts about the state of Arkansas. The state is filled with hard working people and some interesting crops and statistics many people would have never known to be true.